Inbound Marketing Automation For ProShop

Case Study

Project Overview

ProShop's manufacturing software for shop management was created when they couldn't find a system that would adapt to their company’s specific needs. That's why 12 years ago, they created their own system, seeing as many other companies would also benefit from their deep understanding of the needs of these types of businesses. When ProShop started working with Intelus, they were already using a marketing automation system but felt like there was room for improvement as they weren’t fully utilizing their CRM & marketing automation system and realized the potential to get better results from their inbound marketing, lead qualification, lead nurturing, and overall sales process.


  • Get a better understanding of leads that come in through various marketing channels
  • Attract and capture new leads
  • Develop a systemized approach to qualify leads and gain a better understanding of which leads have the most value.
  • Optimize sales processes to prioritize leads that are more likely to close

Tactical Philosophy

An in-depth analysis was made to see where leads were getting unengaged and where communication could be reinforced.

During our analysis, we noticed the client hadn't created buyer personas. They were assessed as to how to create each one in a way that would reflect the potential customer´s needs and their corresponding communication.

Lead Scoring & Sales Notifications

Changes were made in their lead scoring to help them better understand and qualify leads based on their behavior and intent. Alerts were created so they would be notified when important changes were made.

Funnel Content

We also helped ProShop create downloadable content like whitepapers and buyer’s guides for potential clients to read and learn; and lead generation assets including a custom Wordpress ROI calculator, gated case studies, and webinars for attracting leads who weren't ready to contact a salesperson just yet, but may be interested in the company and product in the short or long term.We also organized their content based on each stage of their buying cycle, to better align with the needs of their prospects.

Sales Performance Audit & Reports

The sales team was trained on how to better utilize the CRM by creating processes and reports that would work for them better. We ran a survey to pinpoint their biggest pain points and inefficiencies, then implemented a combination of automation and best practices to focus on sales velocity, improved productivity, and better lead qualification. Different pipeline analysis and reports were made (such as Opportunity health, conversion analysis, email send, etc.), and are being sent out periodically for the company to be always aware of trends and changes.


14% increase in inbound leads in the CRM, with a higher success rate of leads getting qualified and nurtured based on the changes made to lead scoring, sales processes, and task notifications to the sales team. 

13% increase in Qualified leads after the implementation of new funnel content, and more defined qualification criteria.

68% increase in total pipeline conversions.


"They have helped define our sales process so we can be more efficient and effective with our time. They have also helped us maximize our content marketing efforts to attract more leads. With their help, we are finally starting to use our CRM to its fullest potential. Overall I am excited about the progress we have made with Intelus and also for the future!"
Paul Van Metre
Founder at ProShop
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