Get An Executive & Administrative Assistant For Up To 60% Less Than The Cost Of U.S Talent

We provide qualified executive and administrative assistants to do email & calendar management, customer service, project management, data entry, and more.

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Who Are Intelus Administrative & Executive Assistants For?

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Marketing Agencies

Sales, marketing and admin VAs for agencies can support your firm and clients

Save time & money with LinkedIn content marketing services

Startups & Small Businesses

Scale your startup without taking on too much overhead costs

Generate leads with LinkedIn content marketing

Entrepreneurs & Busy Executives

Wearing many hats is exhausting. Intelus VAs take work off your plate

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Real Estate Companies

Put transaction coordination on autopilot with a virtual real estate assistant

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Fiancial Advisors

Put financial backoffice management and reporting on autopilot

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Law Firms

Our virtual legal assistants will help you scale your firm without high costs

Free Yourself From Time-Consuming Admin Tasks

Your outsourced executive assistant will take all these time consuming, but necessary tasks off your plate so you can focus on running and growing your business

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Email & Calendar Management

Free yourself from the prison of email & calendar management

Save time & money with LinkedIn content marketing services

Filing & Record Management

Get organized with an assistant who will handle filing & record management

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Data Entry

Spend your time on more important tasks and outsource data entry

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Make payroll run smoothly with the high cost of U.S payroll department

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Keep your books clean & tidy to ensure top notch tax compliant and reporting

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Phone Answering & Scheduling

Put your inbound phone calls and meeting scheduling on autopilot

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Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn with outsourced customer service

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Client & Project Management

Keep internal and client facing projects on track with budgets and timelines

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Real Estate Transaction Coordination

Get an affordable qualified virtual real estate transaction coordinator

Intelus Agency Is A Smarter Remote Staff Solution

See why Intelus Agency is the smarter way to hire compared to local and freelance recruiting
The Traditional Way

Hiring local is expensive

When you factor in recruiting, interviews with unqualified candidates, U.S salaries, employee benefits packages, onboarding, training, HR, and payroll, the costs inflate very quickly.

Hiring freelancers is risky

Sites like Upwork are filled with mostly unqualified & unreliable freelancers that are most often juggling multiple projects and clients, resulting in poor communication and constant fires you must put out.

Both options drain your time

Onboarding, training, HR, and payroll are jobs in themselves. It's even worse if you're working with employees or freelancers who need hand holding and step-by-step instructions on what to do and how to do it.

We save you up to 80%

We drastically cut your costs by providing you with the most qualified fluent English speaking offshore talent without sacrificing experience or work ethic and we eliminate your HR & payroll costs to free up your cashflow.

You get the most qualified talent

We perform rigorous pre-screening to ensure that you only interview the most qualified and reliable remote workers. We guarantee satisfaction or we will replace your outsourced worker with a new one at no additional charge.

We strategically free up your time

Our U.S team meets with you on a monthly basis to understand your business goals & challenges in order to optimize your outsourced worker's performance and empower you to delegate more important tasks.

Hire Your Remote Worker In 3 Easy Steps

Select Workers To Interview

Browse workers from our growing database of hand-curated professionals, qualified in marketing, sales, and business administration. Quickly & easily schedule interviews via Calendly from each remote worker's resume. If you can't find what you're looking for, schedule a free consultation.
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Join Virtual Interviews

We will arrange virtual Zoom interviews with as many candidates as you want until you find the ideal remote workers to join your team. Once you've made your selection, you can purchase a part-time, or full-time plan from our website.


We onboard your remote workers to ensure they are aligned with your systems and processes. Throughout the process, you'll have an account manager ready to address any questions that may arise and to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding.

Intelus Agency is trusted by thousands of companies

In 3-4 months, my Intelus virtual assistant generated 5 really good leads that are doing business with us! I even had to hire a new salesperson to handle the other leads that we're working to convert.
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Ferdinand Mehlinger
Founder, Bluoo Digital
From day one the Intelus team was engaging, attentive and understood our business. We recently met with one of our largest customers ever, It was all due to Intelus. Money well spent, I wish more of my vendors were like the Intelus team.
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Terriq Davidson
Strategic Partnership Manager, Healthy Heart
I really liked the full-funnel approach and LinkedIn expertise they brought. They exceeded our lead goal this month by 17 leads, and the cost per lead is going down! I highly recommend Intelus Agency for B2B lead gen.
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Diana Perez
Senior Marketing Manager, Loop Media
The messages Intelus sent me with the questions was the best LinkedIn outreach I've seen so far - that's compelling. Please increase my bill! This is worth it!
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Isaac Shapira
Principal, Platonic.Systems
We added $130K to our pipeline this week! One lead organic through our website and two from Intelus Agency. Deal sizes are around $25K-$48K each.
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Tim Beck
Chris and his staff at Intelus did an awesome job on my LinkedIn account. The phone is ringing off the hook and I have leads pouring in like crazy. Intelus is the best LinkedIn ad agency ever!
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Todd Taylor
CEO, Todd Taylor Realty


Do you offer fractional executive assistants?

Yes! We offer both part-time and full-time executive an administrative assistants. Part-time starts at 20 hours per week, and full-time is 40 hours per week.

Do you offer personal assistants?

Yes! Intelus Agency offers a wide range of assistants including solopreneur personal assistants, executive personal assistants, and personal assistants that can handle both business and personal tasks.

Do you offer a virtual assistant for property management & real estate?

Yes! Intelus Agency offers property management VAs and virtual transaction coordinators for real estate brokers. We even offer realtor virtual receptionists to answer the phone, respond to emails and schedule events. Our virtual real estate assistants can even handle marketing and sales tasks!

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