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Capture leads, convert sales and optimize your marketing with intelligent marketing and sales automation

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Marketing & Sales Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool to improve conversion rates, boost sales efficiency, save time and money, and more effectively prove ROI.

Intelus is powered by SharpSpring's powerful marketing automation platform to streamline your entire sales and marketing process into a single, easy to use system.


Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing allows you to generate 50% more qualified leads to sales at 33% lower costs (Forrester Research). 2.73% of B2B leads are not ready to be passed the sales department (Marketing Sherpa).

Intelus sales marketers and sales people a tremendous amount of time by automatically nurturing leads that aren't ready to buy yet to keep them moving through your sales funnel.


Life Of The Lead

Intelus gives you a full timeline report of every action your leads have take from the time they visit your website, until they are a won opportunity, and beyond.

Track webpage visits, email opens, clicks, media views, opportunity creation and more.


Lead Scoring

Intelus empowers marketers and sales people with the intelligence needed to prioritize leads based on which ones have the highest probability of converting to a sale. This reduces time salespeople typcially waste following up with unqualified leads.

Automatically adjust lead scores based on page view, media view, email open, form fill, custom fields submitted, buyer personas, and more.


How Do We Get Results?

By uncovering the data surrounding the online habits of your prospects, we create a targeted quarterly growth plan custom tailored to your budget and goals. Our expert writers, and content creators team up with your brightest people to craft original content that Google loves, target customers can't resist, and your sales team can't stop raving about.

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How Long Does It Take?

Inbound marketing and sales enablement are long-term solutions, not quick fixes, but most of our clients see results within 90 days of working with us. Typically 3-6 months, you should see significant traction towards your goals.


How Much Does It Cost?

We making working with us effective, simple and flexible. You simply choose one of our starter packages, and we will custom make a solution to get you the maximum results for the budget you give us. Our packages start at $650 per month.

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How Do I Get Started?

If you're struggling to attract enough projects, generate enough leads, or close enough sales, we're eager to hear about your goals in a pressure free, 30 minute discussion. We'll show you what to expect from us, give you practical and actionable advice, and determine whether we're a good fit.

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