12 Customer Experience Trends For Growing Revenue

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Alicia Mitchell
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August 6, 2018
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October 19, 2020

Embracing Data to Find Opportunities to Add Value to the Customer’s Lives

Data is one of the most popular tools brands are utilizing now to improve customer experience, and scale revenue across multiple marketing channels. Solving problems for customers is by far the best use of data. The most popular, and best selling products & services solve a frustrating problem customers have that turn them into raving fans.

customer experience data platform trends

Change in Management of the Customer Journey with the Company

The customer journey needs to be managed from start to finish, not just at certain checkpoints. Every customer touch point is an opportunity for you to convince the customer why your solution is the best fit for solving their problem. This also gives you an opportunity to gain additional trust and brand loyalty. There are numerous web based apps to help with managing the customer journey across every checkpoint such as Smapla, and UXpressia that make this process much easier.

customer journey mapping customer experience trend

Omni-channel Connectivity Between Devices the Customer is Utilizing

One of the fastest growing customer experience trends is the use of omnichannel connectivity to provide a seamless experience for users across various devices. Let's just face it....people are super busy these days, and sometimes abandon a digital experience on one device, and expect to pick up where they left off, but on a different device. Customers also interact with a brand at different touch points both online, and offline.

omnichannel customer experience trends

Using cloud based technology to auto-save where the user previously dropped off is not only impressive and convenient for the customer, but it gives you the opportunity to collect more robust multi-device data on the same customer. Re-targeting ads, also allow brands to continuously keep their message in front of the user across multiple social platforms.

Create a Shortened Path to Purchase for the Customer

People are limited on time, and purchasing decisions are no exception. If you can figure out how to simplify the buying process by shortening the steps needed to complete the purchase, you can make it more enjoyable, and memorable for the customer so they look forward to making repeat purchases without the fear of complicated, and frustrating processes.

Customer experience trend

Using Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality to Aide in Decision Making

It's no secret that AR & VR are becoming super popular now. Aside from just gaming, and making fun videos for social media, augmented reality and virtual reality are quickly earning their place within sales funnels. One example is the ability for customers to see how they will look in a new outfit. Another example is feeling what it is like to be inside of the new house they are looking to purchase by stepping into a 360 virtual tour in their oculus headset.

virtual reality for improving customer experience

Utilizing Analytics Tools for Customer Experience Transformation

Conversion rate optimization by improving user experience is an essential customer experience trend to follow if you want to stay competitive, and get the best return on investment from your marketing budget. There are many tools that make this process easier including google analytics with event tracking. One of our favorite tools is lucky orange, which allows us to play back recording videos of users to pinpoint areas of frustration that can be fixed to improve customer experience, and grow revenue.

analytics for improving customer experience

Proactive Strategies to Inform the Customer Prior to Decision Making

Email marketing is probably one of the easiest ways to inform customers of products or services that they may find relevant to other items they previously purchased. Another option is messenger bots, and push notifications users can subscribe to in order to get updates on relevant products, and deals. These updates can motivate them to buy more from you, or even share with others who may be looking for what you offer.

proactive customer experience trend

Start with a Mobile First Approach

As of 2018, roughly 52% of web users are view from mobile devices, so it's a very wise decision to go with a mobile first approach when designing innovative customer experiences. 

mobile first approach for improving customer experience

Design tools like sketch, and Invision were built for the purpose of prototyping visual designs with a mobile first approach. Designs can even be tested with your users before making it into a live website or app. This process is known as usability testing and can save you time and money working out the bugs prior to coding so you have a better customer experience upon launch.

Incorporate a Personal Touch to Meet Customer’s Needs

Marketing personalization is perhaps one of the fastest growing customer experience trends, due to customers being more emotionally engaged with social media. Customers need to feel like companies truly care about them rather than just trying to take their money. Technology is quickly adapting to accommodate the need to personalize messaging to user,and smart businesses take advantage of this.

marketing personalization customer experience trend

Optimizing Re-orders with Predictive Software to Meet Customer’s Needs

Artificial Intelligence is quickly advancing, with a growing trend in customer experience optimization of adapting the buying process to the customer's needs. AI systems can use data to predict what customers buy next based on previous purchases, and historical data from similar with a similar persona type.

predictive customer experience analytics

Utilize a 24/7 Self-Service Model for Clients

This one can vary tremendously due to the various different types of businesses. but chat bots are perfect example of the self service model that allows customers to ask questions and get answers 24/7 without the need for a human to be present.

chatbot customer experience trends

Collecting Customer Feedback Via Targeted, Short Surveys

Feedback surveys are an extremely important customer experience trend for improving revenue. Short, targeted surveys are a great way to gather customer centric feedback to improve customer satisfaction. The key is to keep is short, simple and convenient, otherwise customers are likely not to participate, so you have to tailor to the needs of their busy lives.

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