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About Hilniva

Hilniva is an ERP software company with a strong focus on accounts payable and accounts receivable automation. Their web based app saves companies millions of dollars per year in revenue by unifying their financial and operations teams with AI (artificial intelligence) to make their financial teams more efficient.

Project Challenges

  • Hilniva had no website, digital presence, and very little content when they came to us
  • They were operating their business from their main parent company website Nile Technology Solutions
  • Their domain name www.hilniva.com had zero domain authority and backlinks to begin with

Old Website

They were operating their business from on old outdated website branded with Nile Technology Solutions, the main parent software company. Hilniva is one of their many software products with a market and target audience of it's own, so we recommended they create a separate website.

New Homepage

We designed the new website to quickly route visitors to the most relevant module of their ERP software based on whether they are just looking for accounts payable and accounts receivable automation, or whether they are looking for a complete all in one ERP solution.

ERP Landing Page

We designed a custom ERP software landing page to quickly show users how they can achieve a 360 degree view of their finance and operations using Hiniva. This required us to use our Photoshop skills to develop a custom info graphic placed directly below the fold.

Accounts Payable Landing Page

We developed a unique info graphic for accounts payable in Photoshop to give users a 360 degree view of accounts payable immediately when that land on the page. Directly below the fold, we added top level benefits, a snapshot of the system interface, and a detailed breakdown the the features.

Accounts Receivable Landing Page

We used the same template layout for accounts receivable that we used for accounts payable, only we created a totally unique info graphic and page content with a different list of benefits and features. Both pages were designed to funnel visitors to the demo signup form to generate lead for Hilniva.

ERP Pricing Page

We built a custom pricing page to make it very easy for users to compare the different plans Hilniva offers with a convenient button to signup for a free demo.

Demo Signup Page

The demo signup page was designed for ERP, accounts payable and accounts receivable so we could track the conversion rate separately for each of the pages to better understand their website traffic and what % of prospects are interested in each aspect of the system. We worked with Hilniva's in house development team to integrate the demo signup to send an email with the login details to instantly access the free demo.


We are currently managing Hilniva's national SEO campaign, however it's only been underway for 3 month, their domain is brand new with almost zero domain authority, and it will take some time to build up their rankings and traffic. We are doing monthly content marketing to build their domain authority, and report to them every month on SEO tasks, keyword positions, traffic and conversion rate increases. So far in the 3 months after the website redesign, organic search traffic is up 123%.


Organic Traffic ▲ 123% in 2 month
Conversions ▲ 210% in 2 month

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