Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Intelus Agency different?
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We are the only agency that takes a human-powered, tech assisted approach to LinkedIn marketing. We automated only the things that make senses for automation, and we do everything else like personalized follow-ups manually so you don't lose the relationship driven, human touch.

Does hiring a LinkedIn Marketing Agency make sense if I have an in-house sales & marketing team?
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Yes! We already have all the systems, processes, and experience to help you skip the learning curve, saving you a ton of time and and money vs doing everything in-house. Your team can stay focused on the overall marketing & sales strategy, while we stay focused on LinkedIn specifically as one of your strongest awareness and lead generation channels.

What kind of results can I expect?
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You can expect an increase in targeted connections, engagement and views on your posts, and qualified leads we generate through posting content and reaching out to your target market through LinkedIn sales navigator and cold email. We pay our Account Managers extra bonuses for qualified leads and meetings generated, and it's very common for our Account Managers to add an extra $100k+ per month to their sales pipeline.

Exactly what does the service include?
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We have 4 different types of LinkedIn sales & marketing packages:

Profile Optimization - We optimize your LinkedIn personal profile and company page for better visibility and lead generation.
Content Marketing - We create and post content on your personal LinkedIn profile and company page to drive awareness and generate inbound leads.
Outreach - We build targeted prospect lists in LinkedIn sales navigator, and reach out to generate qualified leads and appointments for your business.
LinkedIn Ads - Coming Soon