Influencer Marketing Strategies To 10x Brand Growth & Sales

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Chris Mitchell
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November 16, 2018
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October 19, 2020

Know Your Influencer Marketing Target Audience

If you want scalable results with your influencer marketing campaigns, you need to focus on your target audience and what appeals to their desires.

Looking at their age, gender, and their interests is a start, but you really need to drill down deep into what messages move them emotionally.

People typically buy based on emotion, so if your message "pulls on their heartstrings", you can create a much stronger bond between your brand and target audience.

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Search For Influencers In Your Target Audience

You can just go straight to the search bar of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc and search for people, build a relationship by supporting their content with meaningful likes and comments, and DM them directly, but doing this at scale can be time consuming.

Taking a data-driven approach to developing brand awareness using tools like Hype Auditor, Tapinfluence, and Ninja Outreach will help you screen each influencer for audience quality, and start reaching out at scale.

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Validate Each Influencer Before Striking A Deal

Before reaching out, you need to validate each influencer to ensure they get good engagement on their content, and they don't have many bots commenting.

You can do this manually, but it's super time consuming, so I recommend using web apps like the ones mentioned above to make this process much easier and faster.

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Reach Out & Engage With Influencers

Reaching out to influencers can be a make or break scenario. Crafting a well thought out message, and thinking about how they will perceive that message when they read it is key.

Make the pitch all about them, and less about you!

Other than just flattering them with kind words, make them an attractive offer that clearly explains the benefits to the influencer you're trying to collaborate with.

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Build A Long Term Influencer Relationships

When you see someone wearing a certain brand, you might buy it the first time, but chances are you will be more likely to buy after seeing someone you know, like and trust wearing that product multiple times.

Sure, a shoutout on Instagram can send you a lot of followers if you use the right influencer, but if your goal is to make sales, you need people to see your brand and see it a lot. When you build a relationship with an influencer, you can work towards making them a brand ambassador so they're promoting your product regularly to gain brand awareness and get people to trust your brand more so they buy from you.

Some brands even setup a custom brand ambassador page for each influencer to insert into their profile bio to drive more traffic to the site.

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