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October 26, 2018
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February 19, 2021

Use Linkedin Content Marketing To Attract More Leads

Content is still king, especially on Linkedin. While there is nothing wrong with sharing other people's content if you have a lack of your own content to share, one of the best ways to position yourself as an authority in your niche and attract more opportunities is to create your own high-quality content.

Start by identifying who your target audience is, and what their frustration, motivations, aspirations, challenges, fears, and hidden desires are, then you can create content that will help them in all of these areas. One of the best places to start is with blog/ article content.

Linkedin content marketing

One reason why blog content is such a great way to start is that it can be repurposed multiple ways on the form of videos, slides, infographics, quotes, podcasts, webinars, and any other creative ideas you have.

Use A Lead Magnet, AKA Gated Content Offer

Less than 3% of people are ready to buy the first time they interact with your brand. That's why it's imperative to take advantage of lead capture technology so you can get people on your email list so you can continue to nurture your leads to move them through your sales pipeline, through email marketing and other touchpoints.

Every good content offer should have a valuable piece of content such as a guide, checklist, template, video series, etc that visitors can access in exchange for filling out your form. Make sure you are adding tremendous value, and truly following through to deliver what you promise on your landing page.

Here's an example of a lead magnet that's generated hundred of free, yet high quality leads for us in a short timeframe.

sales and marketing alignment guide

Convert Likes and Comments Into Qualifed B2B Leads

Engagement is great, but it's still a vanity metric. While most people don't attempt to convert vanity metrics into B2B leads, I believe Linkedin likes and comments can be monetized.

Disclaimer: You will not convert every single like and comment into a lead or customer, but if you strategically go through your likes and comments and pinpoint likely prospects by job title, you can literally have a constant flow of prospect to talk to.

One of the best ways to monetize vanity metrics such as likes and comments is by scanning their profiles, quickly pre-qualifying them to determine if it's worth putting in the time to chat with them, and sparking up a meaningful conversation with them that eventually leads to a meeting.

The fact that they engaged with your post is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation.

Use Linkedin Voice Messages

One of my favorite ways to connect with people is by using Linkedin voice. People love when you take the time to send a thoughtful voice message instead of a text message that looks like you copy and pasted a script. I use this strategy quite frequently on inbound connection requests, but it also works very well for outreach as well.

Here is my approach for voice messaging inbound connections:

" Hi {name}, I just wanted to personally say thanks for reaching out to connect with me. I noticed XYZ about your {profile or businesss} and would love to learn more about you and see if there is anything I can do to help you. Also, I'm curious.... what inspired you to reach out and connect with me?"

Here is my approach for outbound messages to existing connections who engaged (liked or commented) on a recent post of mine:

" Hi {name}, I just wanted to personally say thanks for supporting my recent post about {name of post}. I noticed since we've been connected, we haven't had a chance to chat yet, so I would love to learn more about you and what you're doing here on Linkedin."

Create a Hyper Engaged Network Of Followers

Aside from creating great content, one of the keys to creating a hyper-engaged network of loyal followers is to strategically engage with influencers that have a large audience reach. To get noticed, you have to stand out. Try uniquely crafting words in comments you leave on their posts to grab their attention.

Once you build a relationship with influencers, you can begin tagging them in your posts, and if they engage, you will notice a large spike in your post views and engagement.

Linkedin B2B lead generation

You can accomplish this by creating a spreadsheet with links directly to their activity feed to save you time, or you can add them to a list in Linkedin sales navigator.

Don't know how to use Linkedin Sales Navigator?

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Use Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin sales navigator allows you to tag connections with the following labels:

Customer, decision-maker, follow-up, high priority, influencer, opportunity.

You can also search and filter for B2B leads without the limits you get with the free version of Linkedin. Focus on filtering your criteria to a very specific targeted group you want to connect with, and you can start reaching out with connection requests and personalized messages designed to get the conversation started.

Note: Don't spam people by pitching them on your solution right away. Instead, build rapport, find things you have in common, and see if there is any potential synergy. The key is to slowly ease into a conversation about the potential to do business together so it seems natural and not forced.

It's pretty obvious that you need to have your profile optimized and a well thought out message to connect in order to get a good conversion rate here, so do those things first before you start mass connecting at scale.

Using Linkedin sales navigator to generate B2B leads

After you connect with target prospects, it's very important to follow up quickly, and create a memorable interaction with them so they don't quickly forget you. Again, tag your target prospect in Linkedin Sales Navigator, or copy and paste the link to their activity feed into a spreadsheet and make sure you interact, and followup with them regularly to add value and build trust.

Struggling with followups?

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Religiously Followup With New Connections

After connecting with prospects, it is HIGHLY important that you follow up and engage with your target prospects. You shouldn't be looking to land the client on the first interaction; That just looks desperate! Focus on building trust, and adding true value to their lives through quality content, insights, and resources. You do this through your posts and through messenger.

Once you acquire a high enough level of trust, you can then move towards asking for a meeting to talk business.

linkeding b2b lead generation guide

Post content that adds value to their lives, and content that is relevant to what they do. Also, if you have specific resources or people you can directly connect them with, you can gain a great deal of trust and authority with your target prospects.

Resources can include things like case studies, whitepapers, time and money-saving tools, giving them a shout out on social media, blog posts, videos, and basically any type of content that adds value.

What happens when you find great connections that aren't ideal prospects?

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Establish Referral Partnerships

When generating B2B leads on Linkedin, sometimes you will find amazing people on Linkedin that aren't necessarily a potential client, but they have a ton of influence, trust and reach with their audience.

You can leverage these types of connections to gain more engagement on your posts, or refer other people in their network directly to you.

This works especially well if you offer solutions that their clients need that they don't offer, and they also offer a solution that your clients need, but you don't currently offer.

Linkedin B2B lead generate referral partnerships

A great way to kickoff a referral partnership is by offering to connect them with someone that could use their service or help their business in some way that's highly beneficial to your target prospect. Most prospects will appreciate this and will be more likely to return the favor.

Tell Stories That Relate To Prospect Pain Points

People are emotionally captivated by intriguing headlines, and entertained by relatable stories. In this day in age, people are more emotionally charged than ever before due to the social connections they create within the realm of digital.

Paint a picture in the mind of your prospects of saving them time, money, fear, frustration, or helping them gain more money, pleasure, and enjoyment, they will be far more likely to buy your solutions.

b2b lead generation using linkedin

If all you share is articles with no context or insight into what you're sharing, that's the reason why you aren't getting many likes or comments.

Stand out and get engagement or Linkedin's algorithm will stop showing your content in the feed.

Here is an example of Linkedin posts that get high engagement. Take notice of the headlines I use to grab people's attention and get them to click the "see more" link to expand the rest of the text. I also tag influencers I've built a relationship with and respond to as many comments as possible to feed the algorithm. More engagement helps me get more reach.

Linkedin storytelling lead generation

I highly recommend taking time to not only have meaningful discussions on your own posts but also post meaningful, value-added comments on other posts that get a high level of engagement. Being a heavy engager with other posts is an opportunity for you to leave unlimited backlinks on post all of which are clickable links going to your profile.

Think of every comment as a miniature "post within a post". You can strategically post meaningful and insightful comments onto posts that are getting a ton of traffic, and gain loads of inbound profile views and connection request from using this method.

You will be amazed at the increase in profile views and connection requests you will get from heavily engaging with other people's post with meaningful insights.

Use A CRM To Track Linkedin Leads and Opportunities

Both inbound and outbound lead generation can generate a tremendous amount of data, and it's super important that you keep track of all that data so you know where your leads are at each stage of your sales pipeline, and what needs to happen next to move them to the next stage. A good CRM also has marketing automation and lead scoring built-in, so you can save time following up with leads that aren't ready to buy.

crm and marketing automation

Ask For Appointments With Connections

At some point in your journey with a target prospect, you will have a high enough level of trust and value build with them, that you can literally ask for a meeting with them to move the relationship towards a more goal-oriented relationship where you start talking more specifically about their problem, and why you have the best solution.

how to generate targeted b2b leads with linkedin

I highly recommend using a scheduling app like Calendly to keep this simple. Going back and forth trying to decide on a time to meet is a frustrating waste of time. With Calendly, you can send over a link to your scheduler, and they can pick a date and time from your calendar, submit their info, and receive a confirmation email to add to their calendar so they get notified prior to the meeting starting.

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