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Get a Better ROI With LinkedIn Ads

Skip the learning curve and avoid wasted spend with done-for-you LinkedIn ads. We understand every aspect of the customer's journey to create hyper-relevant ads powered by data & advanced segmentation tactics.

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Drive Brand Awareness

We put more targeted prospect in the top of your funnel, helping you drive more targeted impressions and LinkedIn company page followers.

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Increase Website Traffic

We drive targeted LinkedIn traffic to your website and we use LinkedIn retargeting ads to get them back to the website to increase conversions.

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Convert More Leads

We nurture leads through the entire funnel from awareness, to consideration, then conversion with LinkedIn lead form & conversion ads.

LinkedIn Ads That Generate Revenue

I really liked the full-funnel approach and LinkedIn expertise they brought. They exceeded our lead goal this month by 17 leads, and the cost per lead is going down!
Diana Perez
Senior Marketing Manager - Loop Media
The LinkedIn ads that Intelus created and managed for me are the best I've seen so far - that's compelling. Please increase my bill! This is worth it!
Isaac Shapira
Principal, Platonic.Systems
We added $130K to our pipeline this week! One lead organic through our website and two from Intelus Agency. Deal sizes are around $25K-$48K each.
Tim Beck

Simple, Transparent Pricing

100% done for you LinkedIn ads management to drive awareness, increase website traffic, and convert more leads


For brand awareness & followers


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1 campaign
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A/B testing
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Ideal customer profile & buyer persona creation
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Insight tag setup
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Email & chat support
Note: All plans include Intelus Agency's management fees, and do not include adspend paid separately to LinkedIn


For traffic & lead generation


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Up to 3 campaigns
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A/B testing
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Ideal customer profile & buyer persona creation
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Insight tag setup
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Email & chat support
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Advanced audience segmentation
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Ad copy & design
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Lead magnet consultation
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Landing page consultation
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LinkedIn lead form ads

Enterprise LinkedIn Ads

Our enterprise plans start with a mininum ad spend of $10,001. To get a quote, request a consultation.
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How Our Process Works

We start with a 1 hour discovery session with key members of your sales & marketing organization to get a firm grasp on your company's offerings, your key value proposition, and your ideal target audience.
Before starting any work, we establish key performance indicators, goals and objectives so we have something solid to work towards and measure success against.
After meeting with you to understand your target audience and doing research on our own, we get to work right away, building a detailed ICP (Ideal company profile), buyer personas (key decision makers), and a target prospect lists.
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mission brief
Once we have our acquired targets, we write a mission brief with your goals, objectives, KPIs, ICP, and buyer personas to guide our copywriters & designers, empowering them to write high converting copy and creative designs.
Build Mission critical systems
To keep our teams fully aligned, we set up a sophisticated series of integrations connecting our LinkedIn ads to your CRM to send qualified leads & deals straight into your sales pipeline in real-time.
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Launch Campaign
After launching your campaign, we monitor your campaigns on a weekly basis to identify low performing ads, formulate conversion optimization experiments, and reduce wasted ad spend.
a/b testing & optimization
We continuously test and optimize every aspect of your campaigns and ads. Testing one element at a time, we perform rapid A/B testing , working in 1 week sprints until we've optimized the copy, graphics, and call to action.
analytics & reporting
Your Account Manager will be available Mon-Fri on Slack and email to answer questions, provide reports, and gather continuous feedback from your sales team to track deal value and attribute our LinkedIn ads to ROI.

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What are LinkedIn Ads?
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LinkedIn is a B2B marketing platform for entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals. LinkedIn advertising platform empowers brands with unparalleled targeting capabilites for every stage of the buyer's journey from awareness to consideration and decision. If you want to generate the best B2B leads in the world, LinkedIn is responsible for generating at least 80% of all B2B leads.

How do LinkedIn ads work?
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LinkedIn ads allow you to target prospects in several different ways. The first way is through LinkedIn's programmatic filters allowing you to target by company, industry, job title, company size and many other factors. Other powerful ways of targeting your audience on LinkedIn is through website retargeting, uploading custom contact lists or list of specific companies for ABM (account based marketing). You can even create lookalike audience to expand your reach and generate similar prospects to the ones you've already converted.

How much do LinkedIn ads cost?
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LinkedIn's minimum daily ad spend is $10 per day. We recommend spending a minimum of $2,500 per month onn LinkedIn ads if you're looking for worthwhile results. This does not include our management fee, which starts at $499 per month.

Do I need LinkedIn Ads for my business?
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If your company's target audience and ideal customers consist of other businesses that use your products or services, then you should definitely be leverage LinkedIn ads, otherwise, you are missing out on additional opportunities. Not only can you attract new leads with LinkedIn ads, but you can convert more of your existing website visitors into qualified sales leads with LinkedIn retargeting ads. We call this low hanging fruit, and it's the first thing we usually focus on when setting up your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Do you provide the content for my LinkedIn Ad campaigns?
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You provide us with all of the campaign assets you have such as images, copy, logo, and other brand assets. If we need to write additional content and create graphics for your LinkedIn ad campaigns, we have in-house copywriters and graphic designs to create your campaign assets.

Is LinkedIn good for advertising?
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For B2B, LinkedIn is hands down the best platform for advertising, and here’s why. At least 80% of all B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn. With LinkedIn ads, you have unparalleled targeting capabilities that are not possible with platforms like Facebook. LinkedIn ads allow you to target people by company, industry, job title, revenue size, and more. In addition to LinkedIn powerful targeting features, you can gain invaluable insights about your website visitors and target audience profile with the LinkedIn insights tag, which is 100% free. 

Are LinkedIn ads effective?
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LinkedIn ads are one of the most effective ways to attract, capture, and convert B2B prospects. With LinkedIn’s insight tag, it’s possible to segment website visitors and prospects into the 3 different stages of the funnel: awareness, consideration, and conversion making it easier than ever to get a strong ROI.

What are LinkedIn ads used for?
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LinkedIn ads are used for 3 primary objectives: Increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and capturing leads. LinkedIn ads make it easier than ever to nurture leads through the entire funnel.

What is the best way to advertise on LinkedIn?
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The best way to advertise on LinkedIn is by leveraging all of the features LinkedIn has to offer. If you only leverage some of them, you are likely missing out on additional opportunities. A good (and free) place to start is by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and posting content daily on your personal profile to drive awareness and traffic to your website. If you have a budget for paid ads, it’s a good idea to install the LinkedIn insight tag to start retargeting website visitors to get them back to your website, increasing the likelihood of converting. Lastly, if you have time, send up to 20 LinkedIn connection requests per day to targeted prospects so you’re putting your content in front of more people in the newsfeed.

What is LinkedIn Campaign Manager?
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LinkedIn’s campaign manager is an easy-to-use interface for setting up and managing your LinkedIn ads. You can see everything from your campaign groups, campaigns, ads, targeting parameters, budget, website visitor demographic, and important metrics like impressions, CTR, and conversions on your website.

How do I access LinkedIn Campaign Manager?
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To access LinkedIn campaign manager, click on work, then advertise. Existing advertisers will be directed to the account overview page in Campaign Manager. If you have new Campaign Manager notifications, the Notifications center will automatically open on the right side of the page.

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