Data & Artificial Intelligence

"49 % of consumers would rather conduct all their customer service interactions via text, chat, or messaging"
- Inc

Our Unique Approach

  • ‍Engineer a framework for gathering intelligent data
  • Gather customer and conversion centric data
  • Filter & analyze data to build case for testing
  • Test alternative versions of design to make low risk iterations
  • Optimize performance based on factual data

Analytics & Reporting

We believe and trust in data. We use the most sophisticated technology to gather data and actionable insights via google analytics, heatmaps, user recordings, and usability testing software to to get the best ROI possible.

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Data Science

Data without actionable insights is useless which is why we use a combination of human and artificial intelligence to analyze and evaluate data to build a case for design and marketing improvements that results in a better return on investment.

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AI & Cognitive Intelligence

From AI powered chatbots that free up employees, to digital strategists and data scientists, we have the knowledge and the technology to take our clients to the top with minimal risk and maximum return on investment.

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