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Teaching Factory

Branding, Website, Marketing
Prepared on
July 16, 2018

Introduction & Goals

The Teaching Factory is looking to recruit more employees, and acquire more purchase orders for CNC manufacturing which will result in more revenue, and increase capabilities as the workforce continue to grow.

Firstly, figure out the real value you provide beyond the mechanics like 'CNC Machining' and create some consistent messaging to use throughout your entire brand that speaks to your audience.

Secondly, employ modern lead-generation tactics. Your conversion rate is currently less than 0.5%. We'd like to get that up to around 3-4%. 

We have explained more about how we plan to achieve this in the next pages.

Please read through the information carefully and, if satisfied, you can use our 'E-Sign' system right here in your proposal to accept and get started!

Top 3 Problems We Identified

The Teaching Factory is a startup company with no brand name, logo, or online presence. We have identified the primary problems we face with this project with the intention of addressing those problems with strategic and cost effective solutions.

Branding Problems

1. There is no name for your company, and no way for customers to know who you are, what you do, and how you are different from competitors.

2. There is no logo, and visual identity for the company to show customers and potential employees that you are a real business.

Online Presence Problems

1. There is no website for potential customers to find you.

2. There are no careers pages or social media profiles for potential employees to find available positions.

Marketing Problems

1. Currently you have no forms of marketing in place to generate leads for potential customers.

2. You also have no forms of marketing in place for potential employees, owners of investors to find you for opportunities.

1. Unique Positioning in marketplace in contrast to competitors.

2. Online presence for potential employees to submit applications.

3. Targeted traffic from Google optimized website.

4. Inbound leads from potential customers.

Our Solutions

We have complied a list of viable solutions the problems listed above to help you meet the goals you set out to achieve within a reasonable budget and timeframe.

Branding Solutions

1. We recommend defining the brand identity first (mission, vision, values), and what sets you apart from competitors.

2. We need to help you figure out a business name that uniquely and competitively positions you in the marketplace.

3. We need to ensure the chosen name is available, not currently trademarked, and has an available domain name that you can purchase in order to have a website address.

4. We need to design a visual identity for the company including color scheme, typographies, and most importantly a logo that tells your story, effectively conveys you message to your target audiences, and attracts the people you intend to attract.

Website Solutions

1. We recommend designing a website similar to, but unique to your brand, with a core emphasis on the careers page in order to recruit potential employee owners.

2. We recommend building the website on the wordpress or webflow CMS platform so future content can easily be updated without need for complex coding or technical knowledge.

3. After recruiting the desired number of employee owners, we recommend tweaking the website to put more emphasis on customer needs, and less emphasis on employee owners so it becomes more effective at generating leads that could result in won contracts/ purchase orders.

Marketing Solutions

1. Initially, we recommend marketing in the "Titans of CNC" & "Practical CNC Machinist" forums, as well as Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, and job message boards.

2. After the desired number of employees are recruited and you have the workforce needed to operate, we recommend focusing marketing efforts on lead generation and customer acquisition via search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to help you land more revenue generating clients, and purchase orders to scale the business into a larger company or franchise.

Benefits To You

The most important benefit to you for developing a brand identity and online presence is unique differentiation in the marketplace against your competitors, and generating more inbound leads from potential employees and customers.

1. Increased employee applications.

2. Increased inbound leads from potential clients.

3. Increased inbound leads from potential partners.

Our Process For Your Project

We will take an agile, customer centric approach to your project with a strong focus on your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure we achieve your goals by fulfilling the needs of your potential employees and customers to make their decision making process easier.


We will begin branding with researching your competitors and developing a strategy to uniquely position you in the marketplace to attract your ideal customers and strategic partners.

The next step we will take is developing an identity for your brand that sends the proper message to your target customer

We will then use the brand identity to inform the visual identity design to pick colors, topographies, and imagery to represent your brand in a way that effectively gets your message across to the customer.

The logo will be designed to convey your brands message in a simple, yet clear way to attract your ideal customers.

Social media profiles, graphics, and signage will be created so you have all the proper marketing materials to get your name out, and develop a presence to make it easy for customers to find you and understand the value you offer to solve their problems.

Estimated Timeline - 3 weeks


We we take an agile, customer centric approach to designing your website by researching your competitors, gathering feedback from your customers, and using the data to engineer an information architecture that will be the foundation for premium usability for your website

We will design the visual prototype of the website around your information architecture and conversion goals of getting more employee applications, and request for quotes from potential customers.

Taking your content, we will professionally craft the information on your site to effectively tell your brand story, and sell your potential customer on why you have the best solution to their manufacturing problems.

We develop your website around an easy to use and intuitive content management system that will make it easy for you to add and edit content without touching a line of code, and integrate it with SEO best practices to keep the site mobile, and Google friendly.

Integration with your 3rd Pipedrive CRM will be established via API's and Webhooks to automate lead forwarding into your sales pipeline.

Mailchimp will be connected to your lead generation forms to build your email list for informing customers of future company updates and news.

Estimated Timeline: 8-10 weeks

Branding - $3,800

We will brand your company to stand out from competitors using data, and research to help you get the best return on investment in the shortest time possible.

Website - $26,000

We will design your website with a customer centric approach to ensure you get maximum return on investment in the shortest time possible by ensure your site is conversion optimized to efficiently convert visitors into qualified leads and sales.

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