Project Proposal

Snowhite Hospitality

Website Redesign
Prepared on
July 3, 2018

Problems We Identified

Snowhite Hospitality has an outdated, non-mobile responsive website that provides poor user experience, and causes frustrating issues for customers looking for more information regarding hotel design, and FF&E procurement.

User Experience Problems

1. Website doesn't work properly on mobile devices.

2. Website has no systems in place for allowing customers to easily contact Snowhite to request a quote.

3. Website has no clear call to action to engage users.

4. Website has no way for customers to buy products online.

5. Website has no content management system in place to allow admin to add or edit content without coding knowledge.

Branding Problems

1. Website does a poor job of representing Snowhite's expertise and services.

2. Website does not agree with Snowhite's brand guidelines.

Performance Problems

1. Website takes over 7 seconds to load (most visitors leave if website doesn't load in 3 seconds or less)

2. Website has no systems in place to track # of visitors coming to the site.

3. Website has no systems in place to analyze user behavior to determine why visitors aren't converting to qualified prospects.

Security Problems

1. Website has poor security systems in place to protect from hackers and data thieves.

2. Website has no encrypted SSL connection to protect Snowhite's client data.

Marketing Problems

1. Website has very poor SEO, and does not rank for any non-branded target keywords.

2. Website has no portfolio management system to display Snowhite's work.

Our Solution To Your Problems

We have complied a list of viable solutions the problems listed above.

User Experience Solutions

1. Design a website prototype designed around creating an enjoyable mobile experience

2. Design the website around a clear directive of engaging users to get them to take the following actions: filling out contact form on website to request a quote, purchasing products from online ecommerce store, signing up for Snowhite's email newsletter.

3. Design and develop an eCommerce shopping experience that is centered around the customer needs and their unique buying habits based on customer research we conduct prior to designing the eCommerce interface.

4. Design the website with strategically places call to action buttons designed to drive users to the contact/ request a quote form where they can easily send Snowhite their contact info and project details in order to request a quote.

4. Build the entire website around an easy to use Wordpress content management system enabling Snowhite to add and edit content in the future without any coding experience or need for technical knowledge of website development.

5. Train Snowhite to use the content management system for adding and editing content in the future.

Branding Solutions

1. Design the website in a way that showcases Snowhite's high level of expertise and unique approach to the services Snowhite provides.

2. Integrate website with a portfolio management system that makes it very easy for Snowhite to add, and edit portfolio projects with ease of use and zero need for coding experience.

1. Design the visual aspects of the website in line with Snowhite's brand guidelines to provide a consistent and trustworthy experience for Snowhite's potential customers.

Performance Solutions

1. Develop a website that utilizes lightweight coding, minimal html, css, image, and javascript resources, and integrated with caching software to ensure the website loads in under 3 seconds.

2. Integrate google analytics tracking code into every page of the website to ensure Snowhite can accurately track visitors to the site, and their behavior.

3. Integrate lucky orange conversion rate optimization software into website to equip Snowhite with the capability to analyzing more detailed user behavior and capture live video of visitors using the site in order to collect the necessary data to make future design changes that can improve the user experience and conversion rate.

Security Solutions

Integrate a cyber security firewall into Snowhite website to limit login attempts, reduce to possibility to brute force attacks, and secure client data through an encrypted SSL connection via https protocol.

Marketing Solutions

Deploy a keyword research strategy and implement said keywords into the content of the website to make all webpages more Google friendly and more likely to rank higher in Google's search results.

What We Will Deliver To You

We have complied a list of everything we estimate we will deliver to provide the solutions listed above.

Strategy & Creative Design

1. User research and design insight interviews to inform the design process

2. Competitor analysis reports

3. Fully designed website prototypes designed in photoshop by our user experience designer via a series of collaborative meetings between Intelus, Snowhite and a select group of it's customers who agree to give us feedback and insight.

4. Detailed scope of work with complete pricing and hours for development of website after completion of visual prototyping.

5. Content audit designed to gather content from Snowhite to determine the content that needs rewritten and or created from scratch by our professional copywriters.

Programming & Development

1. Completed working website developed into a unique and custom theme on the Wordpress content management system framework, and eCommerce store built on the Woocommerce platform.

2. Integration with Google analytics & 3rd party CRM system

Quality Assurance & Project Launch

1. Complete management of project via our Asana project management system to keep project on track with budget and timeline.

2. Handoff meeting of visual designs from UX designer to our development team to ensure good understanding of design and functionality.

3. 60 day warranty to cover any potential flaws, or bugs in our work which we will fix free of charge.

4. 2 hours of training Snowhite's staff to use the system for adding, editing content, and managing eCommerce store.

Final Steps

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3. Pay Quickbooks Invoice (We will send within 24 hours of form submission)

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