Case Study

About Swoobfit

Swoobfit is a women's athletic apparel brand on a mission to inspire women to change the world through healthy living and fitness. Their target audience includes busy moms, yoga enthusiasts, runners, rock climbers and adventurers.

Project Challenges

  • The company had a new owner with limited experience in the fitness apparel business
  • Swoobfit had limited brand assets to use for content (images, text, video, etc) available
  • The website was slow, had annoying popups, and wasn't user friendly

Project Approach

We began the discovery process by digging into their brand guidelines document, target audience files, Google Analytics data, and previous marketing campaigns they ran to see what did and didn't work for them in the past. This gave us a better understanding of their target audience so we could begin to think like their customers think when it comes to buying fitness related items. We found that their target audience responded very well to useful content that inspired women to make the world a better place and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while living a busy lifestyle. We also determined that these amazing women had a strong desire to be included in a community where they could experience encouragement, support and accountability to stay on track with their health and fitness goals.

Shopify eCommerce Website UX Audit

In our situation analysis, we discovered that the website had a huge list of problems that were holding Swoobfit back from converting more of the visitors into customers. Before making any changes, we reviewed their Google Analytics reports to cross reference our assumptions of the key problems we identified with their user experience. We performed a complete user experience audit of their website to act as a guide for making future design changes.

Brand Messaging That Inspires

After getting to know Swoobfit's target audience and understanding that they respond better to inspiring, motivational messaging, we knew right away that we needed to move away from the overly promotional vibe, and move towards and inspiring, uplifting experience to guide users toward the product categories that resonate most with their lifestyle.

Improved Category Filtering

In our research, we discovered that users needed an easier way to quickly find the categories of products they were searching for. This led us to add a category section below the hero section of the homepage, and improve the usability of their mega menu so it's very clear and straightforward for user to skip to the most relevant product categories.

Custom Product Page

Strategically designed eCommerce product pages are extremely important to generating good conversion rates. For Swoobfit, most of their customers are visual shoppers, but they are also interested in the details. We found that when women are shopping for sports bras, one of the most important factors in their buying decision is what it looks like from the front, back and sides. For example, some shoppers are specifically looking for a racerback, while others are looking for a cross strap sports bra. Given this knowledge, we inverted the typical image layout to put the 3 gallery images on top, with the top left image being the featured image. We also discovered that by truncating the description text to a shorter amount of characters, we could push the add to cart button above the fold on many of the products, thus increasing the add to cart rate. In addition, we made the right hand side sticky so users wouldn't lose the add to cart button as theu scroll down the page.

Fully Managed Digital Marketing Campaign

Currently, we are managing Swoobfit's content marketing, SEO, social media channels, and email marketing campaign. It's still to early to share results from the marketing campaigns, but stay tuned as we will add more details about their marketing and results once we have enough data.


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