Spann & Company

Case Study

Project Challenges

  • Client needed eCommerce store for selling digital downloads
  • They needed a way for affiliate to sell products and get % of sale
  • Brand awareness needed integrated into the design of the website

Project Approach

We took a unique customer & affiliate centric approach to designing the eCommerce store to ensure that both the customer, and the affiliates promoting the products have an enjoyable digital experience. We worked in an agile sprint, quickly moving to code to meet the client MVP within budget, and deadline for their debut. With everything finished, customers have a great and enjoyable way to shop, and affiliates have a seamless system to refer customers, get paid for their efforts, and manage everything from their dashboard.

Custom eCommerce Store & Affiliate System

We designed the entire eCommerce store around the needs of the customers in order to provide a smooth process for customers to purchase and download ebooks. We even setup an automated email system that sends order confirmation details, and a link to download the purchased products.

Intelligent Reporting Dashboard

We set Spann & Company up with an easy to use intelligence reporting system so they could login, and access orders, and see sales reports, track refunds, and new customer registrations.


Ebook Sales ▲ 47%
Affiliate Registrations ▲ 22%
User Experience ▲ 97%

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