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About Snowhite Hospitality

Snowhite Hospitality is a full service interior design company located in Chicago Illinois specializing in design and FF&E procurement for major hotel brands like Laquinta, Hilton, Hampton, Choice, and many more.

Project Challenges

  • Short deadline to meet Snowhite's magazine debut
  • Limited content provided upfront
  • Saving the sales team time selling replacement items

Project Approach

We began Snowhite's journey to digital success with a series of needs discovery sessions. After mapping out all the goals, and assumptions, we validated our findings with a series of interviews to better understand the users.

We quickly realized we would greatly improve Snowhite's traffic to lead conversion rate, and save Snowhite's sales team time by automating customer orders for replacement items. Our customer-centric data informed the user experience design sprint which resulted in prototypes of the website and eCommerce store that we handed off to our dev team to build into a custom Wordpress theme. We worked with the design software system to establish an API connection making everything simple and manageable for Snowhite in 1 centralized location.

Custom Portfolio System

We showcased Snowhite's beautful design work by crafting a portfolio that did more than just show pretty images. We engineered a case study format with a content management system to makes adding case studies a breeze for Snowhite. We focused on detailing the challenges Snowhite's clients faced, and how Snowhite solved those problems. We topped it all off with a call to action at the end to drive visitors to the contact form to capture leads, and get the sales process started.

Unique eCommerce Store

Snowhite's customers have very unique shopping needs, so we designed the experience for their ultimate convenience. We eliminate the step between clicking an item and going to the product details page using lightboxes. To maximize Snowhite's order sizes, we integrated tiered rates pricing, and conditional based shipping rates to offer free shipping based on qty. To solve Snowhite's logistical issue with the countless shipping variations, we used table rates shipping to charge shipping based on a % of the total order price.

Custom Request A Quote System

The final FF&E procurement problem we solved for Snowhite, and their customers is by engineering a highly custom request a quote system into the customers' shopping cart. This gives Snowhite the flexibility of listing certain items without pricing, and allowing customer to add those items to cart, and request a quote for the entire list in a single workflow.

SEO Content Marketing & Order Management

We solved Snowhite's content and order management problem by developing the entire website based on advanced custom fields. This method makes it simple for Snowhite to add and edit content on the site without touching a single line of code. With an easy to use interface, Snowhite can now easily add, and edits content, and managage orders, products, customers, requests for quotes, and online sales analytics from a single dashboard. We also created SEO optimized case studies to drive traffic from Google search to their website which resulted in a large increase in requests for design consultations.


Website Lead Conversion ▲ 500%
User Experience ▲ 78%
Website Traffic ▲ 215%

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