Case Study

Project Challenges

  • Designing an effective eCommerce store in a short timeframe
  • Staying within a limited budget for MVP
  • Implementing a system for easy importing of inventory via spreadsheets

Project Approach

We took an agile approach on this project due to the client's limited budget, and need for getting the store live within their needed timeframe. We quickly worked to get the visual design approved, and moved straight into coding with our design team working directly with developers to ensure good quality control over accurately bringing the visual designs to live in code. We also came up with a unique and innovative solutions to their product importing problem.

Customer Centric eCommerce Experience

ReeChiq's bangles exist so customers can have a memory of the Island they visit on their vacation, so we designed the entire customer experience around the need for user to filter selection based on the Island they are buying their bangles for, and material bangles are made of. This made it easy for customers to start with top level categories, the drill down deeper into the subcategories rather than having to search through all the sku's in order to find the product they are looking for.

Content Management System

During discovery, our client expressed to us the need for them to have an easy way to update and add content without having to touch an code or mess with any technical settings, so we set them up with a drag and drop system for editing content without having to need coding experience.


Online Sales ▲ 79%
Online Presence ▲ 93%
User Experience ▲ 82%

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