Growing Organic Traffic & Conversions For A Manufacturing SaaS Company

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About ProShop

ProShop was born when Paul Van Metre, a machine shop owner created his own software to solve the productivity and efficiency issues his shop, "Pro CNC" was experiencing. His system was so effective that other machine shops wanted to use it for their shop. This led Paul to founding ProShop which was later acquired by Adion Systems. ProShop is a web-based and totally paperless shop management system for small to medium manufacturing companies. ProShop helps machine shop owners improve profitability by automating tooling procurement, NCR's, shop processes, and eliminating human error to simplify running a complex, high speed production facility.

Project Challenges

  • ProShop was in the process of changing their domain name from to
  • The new domain name had very little domain authority, making it more difficult to rank for competitive keywords
  • ERP software is a super competitive space with companies like Job Boss, and ShopTech E2 who have dominated the space for years

Project Approach

After doing some discovery with ProShop to get a better understanding of their goals and objectives, we began to immerse ourselves in the mindset of a machine shop owner. Interestingly enough, the Founder of Intelus, Chris Mitchell, worked as a professional CNC machinist for 7 years prior to starting a digital marketing agency. With Chris' knowledge and first hand experience in using ERP software (enterprise resources planning), he quickly mapped out the unique value that ProShop brings to the table.

SEO Research

Based on our experience dealing with SaaS marketing, we knew organic traffic would be the most effective way for ProShop to quickly scale memberships due to the fact that a high number of people are already searching for ERP solutions online. We started by running a domain overview analysis in SEM Rush to see what keywords they were aleady ranking for. Turns out, their site was already showing up for some great keywords, which we found to be an excellent opportunity to quickly improve traffic.

On-Site SEO Optimization

After mapping out all the pages and keywords they were currently ranking for, we developed title tags, meta descriptions, and long-tail key phrases for their most lucrative pages to quickly boost organic search traffic, and drive more conversions on their website.

Title Tag & Meta Description Optimization

The meta descriptions were developed with a goal of improving the click through rate from Google searches, and improve the rankings for their existing rankings.

1350% Increase In Conversions In 2 Months!

With a monthly content marketing plan consistently generating high quality links to their site, in less than 2 months, they experienced a 1350% increase in goal completions on their website. We provided ProShop with access to our dashboard system for efficiently communicating project details, approvals, and we report to them each month on keyword positions, website traffic, and most importantly website goal completions.

Content Reviews - Currently Pending

Currently we are developing content edits, and additional content for existing pages, and new pages we are adding to their website. This will increase their traffic even more by further boosting their rankings on existing keywords, and helping Google discover newly added keywords that ProShop will begin showing for over time. SEO doesn't happen overnight, however with consistency, and a strong focus on high quality, valuable content, it generates some of the best traffic possible.


increase in visitor to goal completion rate
increase in organic search traffic
increase in keyword positions

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