Prestige Cement Fencing

Case Study

About Prestige Cement Fencing

Prestige Cement Fencing Company, located in Roy Utah builds high quality concrete fences that look like real wood, but last at least 2x longer. Their specialties include privacy fences, row fences, trash enclosures, public utility walls, and sound walls, and they truly believe in providing signature quality fencing 1 post at a time.

Project Challenges

  • PCF came to us with nothing more than a name and an idea
  • We started from scratch in an industry we never worked with before
  • There were very little competitors to pull data and ideas from

We were very excited to work with PCF, however we had never worked with a fencing company before, so we knew the best approach would be to do plenty of industry specific research so we could fully understand their industry in order to speak intelligently about it in our upcoming meetings.


We started the process with a few meetings with the client to get all of their ideas out on the table. They already had the name chosen, and with a few projects under their belt, they know they wanted to go after an upscale, yet slightly traditional crowd. We then had a very interactive brainstorming session where we tossed ideas back and forth to get the creative juices flowing which led us to ideation.


During the ideation process, we helped PCF further define their company slogan "signature fencing installed 1 post at a time" which led us on a path of developing a logo that conveys the signature feel they were going for. PCF then sent us a few example logos of other fencing companies, and we helped them filter the ideas based on the vision they were aiming for.

They mentioned things they liked about the logos, and didn't like, and they were very clear when they said they didn't want to look like the other fencing companies. They wanted something total unique that stands out, and doesn't follow the typical "fence silhouette" look.

Concept Design

We developed a series of 6 logo concepts to incorporate the ideas in different ways. PCF began to narrow down the logos one at a time until we reached 3 logos they wanted to further explore. After going through a couple rounds of revisions, we arrived at a concept they fell in love with, however they wanted to further refine it to get just the right look and feel. After showing them several color options, and mockups of the new design, they had a logo they were truly proud of.

Brand Style Guide

To keep their branding consistent and trustable, we developed a basic brand style guide to inform the design of future brand assets such as a website, truck magnet, T-shirts, and more. We included their logo in black, white, and full color as well as their color scheme and type faces used in logo.

Brand Asset Development

To be 100% sure they were satisfied with the logo design, we designed mockups on a hat, t-shirt, wall sign, business card, and website to help them fully visualize how it will look when printed and used digitally. They were so happy with the results, they sent us a referral shortly after for a fitness brand we currently work with. Several months later, they were ready for phase 2, and hired us to design magnets for their fleet of trucks, and a new website which is currently under construction.

Custom Wordpress Website

We are currently designing and developing a custom Wordpress website for PCF, and we will share the final designs here when we are finished. The approach we are taking with the website puts a strong emphasis on their actual work, and making it simple, fast and easy for users to quickly get to the most relevant type of fence they are looking for. Organic search traffic in their region of Utah will be one of their most valuable traffic sources as we develop pages to draw in traffic from prospects search for privacy fences, rail fences, etc and provide them with useful information pages to explain the benefits of choosing concrete fencing vs wood, vinyl, metal, wood, etc.


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