iStream Media

Case Study

Project Challenges

  • Designing an online presence with very little brand guidelines and content
  • Developing an eCommerce store centered around digital downloads & online services
  • Creating an affiliate marketing system to equip sales reps with technology to bring to market

Project Approach

We took a user first approach on this project, designing everything around a bold call to action intended to get user to quickly take action by signing up for an account. We also implemented a strategy to get users to see the value of iSM by comparing the price and quality against the most popular streaming services available. The marketing strategy was designed around the affiliate program which equipped our client with the technology needed to build an army of affiliate marketers that drive traffic to the site to generate more signups.

Custom UX Website & Affiliate System

We designed the website around the information architecture we developed based on our research of user goals and needs. We took the userflows and quickly moved to hi-fi visual designs which were then handed off to our development team to be programmed into a working website and eCommerce store. To save the clients some money, we used a prebuilt plugin called Affiliate WP to enable affiliate program functionality on the site, but we did have to do some additional customization in order to meet the client's MVP.

Intelligent eCommerce Store

We built the eCommerce store on the tried and true Woocommerce framework which gives the customer a way to create an account, shop in the store, add products to cart, checkout and manage their orders from their account area. We also setup some custom dynamic pricing to give discounts based on qty, and a wholesale pricing area to offer bulk discounts to their biggest customers with the prices based on their preset roles.

User Friendly eCommerce Management System

We provided our client with their own dashboard for managing orders, clients, refunds, inventory and more without ever having to touch a single line of code, or messing with an technically advanced settings.


Email Subscribers ▲ 55%
Affiliate Registrations ▲ 30%
Online Signups ▲ 47%

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