Case Study

About Houzzwarmers

Houzzwarmers is an eCommerce brand that makes amazing custom gift baskets for real estate professionals to give to their clients after they've sold a house, apartment, or condo. Their slogan is "Be Remembered" because they believe in making a lasting impression.

Project Challenges

  • Building online presence from scratch
  • Integrating with 3rd party systems
  • ‍Designing user experience with no existing users

Project Approach

The Houzzwarmers project began with a simple idea that we brought to life through branding, ideation, information architecture, UX design and custom Woocommerce development. We took a strategic, agile approach to meet the clients budget and timeline for MVP for both the branding and the website. Needless to say, the project was a huge success helping our client dominate the market for housewarming gift baskets for real estate agents.

Custom Branding Meets Intelligent eCommerce

When Houzzwarmers came to us they had a great idea, but they didn't have branding or a website, so we put our creative problem solving skills to work to build their brand, and online presence.

Content & Order Management System

We built their entire online presence including the eCommerce store around an easy to use Wordpress content management system to make it easy for them to update and add content and products to the site without ever touching a single line of code.


Online Sales ▲ 92%
Brand Awareness ▲ 44%

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