7 Hills Brewing Company

Case Study

Project Challenges

  • Designing an online presence from scratch with very little brand guidelines and content
  • Integrating 3rd party opentable system for bookings
  • Setting up an event management system for live events

Project Approach

We took a unique approach to this project due to the fact that we had very little brand guidelines and content for the website. Our problem solving skills were put to the test when we had to design the interface without the text and images needed for a complete website so we use stock photos and filler text until we could have professional photos taken at the restaurant. Lucky for our client, we had worked with restaurants before, and already had a good understanding of the information architecture needed for the site. At the end of the day, the site turned out great once everything was updated with professional photos and live events.

Customer Centric Website

We designing the website with a unique sticky sidebar menu to make it easy for customers to navigate the site without having the click backwards or lose their place. On mobile, we used a streamlined hamburger icon to trigger a full screen menu when clicked.

Social Media Branding Kit

We worked with the consultant who gave us this project to create some beautiful social media graphics to showcase their mouthwatering food and beverages on facebook, twitter, and google plus.

Content & Event Management System

We set 7 Hills up with an intuitive, easy to use content and event management system making it super easy for them to change images, text, and add new events without worrying about coding or breaking the layout within the design system.


Food Sales ▲ 22%
Tables Booked ▲ 33%
User Experience ▲ 82%

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